Relationships first; technology second.

Caring about people is why KYC was founded.

Supporting a happier world through happier Guests.

Based in Silicon Valley, KYC was created by founder Dina Yuen, out of a deep love and passion for hotels, and the desire to make work life easier and better for hoteliers around the world, from General Managers to Room Attendants to F&B team members.

We are a team of former and current hoteliers, with Advisors who are legends of both the hotel and tech industries, an intersection we believe will create a beautiful and sustainable future. Hospitality professionals have some of the toughest jobs in the world, often grueling and thankless. Our role at KYC is not just to deliver the hotel industry’s most comprehensive platform but to bring smiles to our partners through genuine caring, empathy and kindness.

If Hoteliers are better equipped to serve Guests with patience and compassion because they have the right tools and the right tech team behind them, we believe in turn, Guests will be happier travelers, thereby creating a happier world.


Hotels never stop; neither do we. We dedicate real humans (no bots, no automated responses) to you who will know your names, know your team, know your property and be available to you around the clock, year round. We’re in the people business; consider us your people.



As we promised our very first hotel partner, as we promised ourselves and to every new partner, we do not tolerate complacency in our team or settling into comfort zones as we pursue continuous innovation. We will push the boundaries to understand what will work better and best for you in an evolving hospitality industry.

We build to future-proof your technology, just like your buildings should be.