Your departments all work seamlessly together as one Hotel.

Why shouldn't your technology be equally as seamless and cohesive as one platform?

Replace your mess of systems with 1 all powerful, all encompassing platform.

Guest & Team Messaging

Requests Management

All Department Operations

Lost & Found, Packages Management

Extensive Guest App

Reporting + Analytics

Multi-Channel Guest Messaging + Team Messaging

Communicate with your Guests in the method and language that is convenient for them- with over 10 options, ranging from regular text messaging (SMS), to Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line and more, all integrated into one easy to use platform.

Additionally, support your Team to have flawless communication internally with their own messaging system within KYC.

Requests Management

Monitor all Guest and Internal Team Requests from Desktop or Mobile, all the relevant information you need, at your fingertips, live in real time. From regular Requests to deliver extra towels to repeating Requests for long-stay Guests, Front Office needing their printer fixed or Chef needing Engineering to fix the oven, all your Requests easily managed with multi-image capability and full history tracking.

All Department Operations: Seamless & In Real Time

Housekeeping Operations

Easily manage all your Housekeeping Operations via desktop or mobile, from breaking your house (Room Assignments) to watching live updates as RAs turn rooms from Dirty to Clean, to fully customized Inspections and full profiles of every single Room.  RAs have a modern, easy to use mobile version to manage Rooms, make Requests and report Lost & Found items.

Up to 45

Minutes Saved Daily

Engineering Operations

Worldwide, Engineering Operations is always one of the greatest challenges of every hotel. From trying to keep regularly scheduled hotel Maintenance projects on target to juggling a thousand and one unexpected issues from Guest Room showers not draining to elevators getting stuck, keeping Hotel Engineering smooth is the dream goal of every General Manager. With KYC, Hotel Engineering Operations is made easy, fully trackable and achievable.

Concierge Operations

As the world recovers from the epic disaster brought on by Covid, hunger for travel is back with a vengeance. Guests are yearning for extraordinary experiences, whether it's a sunset kayaking excursion, a private culinary lesson with a local chef or tickets to a sought after show. Having a robust Concierge Operations platform that empowers your Concierge team to deliver memorable experiences to your Guests is not a nice-to-have today; it's a must to create Guest loyalty.

Front Desk Operations.

The team that stands in the line of fire on a daily basis- your Front Desk team needs support to handle tired, impatient and problematic Guests without missing a beat. The best way to empower your Front Desk team is to ensure they have access to the exact same information at the exact same time, live, as your Housekeeping and Engineering teams. Whether they need to know how much longer it will be before the Room Attendant finishes cleaning Room 1001 or real time updates on whether the AC has been fixed in Room 503, all of this relevant and critical information is right at their fingertips in KYC.

F&B Operations

Entice your Guests to spend voraciously on your F&B outlets by showcasing gorgeous, mouth-watering images of your dishes. From incredibly easy to use Guest App In Room Dining ordering to QR codes in room or in any of your F&B outlets, make it a no-brainer for your Guests to stay in-house rather than going out for their meals, significantly increasing your F&B revenue.

Security + Loss Prevention Operations

An often overlooked aspect of Hotel operations, we all become complacent until disaster strikes. Leveraging a powerful but simple Security & Loss Prevention system to ensure the team members you've entrusted with the safety of your Guests and your entire hotel are performing to the best of their abilities is of paramount importance. Customize security walkthroughs as well as the type of data you collect to potentially present to insurance companies.

Lost & Found | Packages

Manage both your Lost & Found and Packages operations with a beautiful, easy to use platform that includes multi-image capabilities, full history tracking and, most importantly, multi-signature capabilities. Ensuring that you are able to track where every single Lost & Found item and every single Package goes throughout your hotel creates deep trust with your Guests. KYC's signature capabilities also prevent unfounded accusations between hotel employees and Guests, significantly decreasing the number of Complaints and problematic situations.

Guest App

Completely white labeled to your brand or hotel, the KYC Guest App is one of a kind for many reasons. We're so confident about the extraordinary adoption from your Guests (based on our track record with existing hotel partners) that we strongly encourage you to have a call with us. Find out exactly why both luxury boutique hotels and some of the largest hotels in the world all love KYC's powerful, rich Guest App.

Reporting & Analytics

Being the one-stop shop, we collect a tremendous amount of data for you. That’s a powerful first step. Now what do you do with all that data?

Go deeper with actionable analytics to support successful decision making across all departments, all properties.